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HAMSA HAND WORKSHOP: Sunday, January 14th: 11am-3pm $75. fee includes all materials and a black wash session on your fired piece. (with an option to add on color painting session for $50. — painting session Sunday, Jan. 28th noon-2:30) 

REGISTER NOW (click here for email registration) don't wait too long, it's gonna fill fast!

The image on right shows a few of Marie’s finished Hamsa Hands.  These have been taken to a full color finish (what you can do if you opt in on the coloring session - you can decide on what you’d like to do for finishing the day of class)  


Workshops listed below have passed, but, if you are interested in knowing if they come back around, email and tell me what you want to be informed about!  ** You can also request a class for a private group, minimum of 6 participants, email for more info.


Saturday, Sept. 23rd 11-4 & Saturday, Oct. 7th 11-2
$100. fee includes everything you need from clay to paint!

It’s back, by popular demand, you’ve been asking for a replay of this one, and I’ve finally been able to get it scheduled!!! 

PORTALS: High relief tiles inspired by your imagination, dreams and fantasies of a land unknown,where will your door lead?  Don’t wait — REGISTER NOW

July 8,9th, 10-4, Aug. 5th, 12-4

**3DAYS in the studio  pictureTHIS: collage to clay - **you can opt out of the 3rd paint day if you like.  Day one and two only:  $175.  all three days: $225. 
* I’m opening this painting day to a general learn post fired finishes, bring bisque work (1 or 2 pieces) and learn post fired finishing techniques, $75. for painting day only!!



JUNE 10th, 11-4pm (5pm if you need it)

Such a great workshop for artists, teachers, DIY’ers!

From the transfer of your sketch to the carving of various depths in plaster to create beautiful detailed relief tiles, students can expect to complete 1 to 2 carvings with pressed tiles of their carving.

$95. fee
includes:  2, 5.5" plaster blanks for carving, 2lbs of clay, use of studio tools, firing of tiles created in class


ooops, we will be rescheduling this one, stay tuned!

The paintbrush is loaded with opportunities of reference and or metaphor.  What strokes might it have made in it’s prime? What energies might have embedded in it’s handle from the painter that held it? How might you compare it’s acts to those in your own lives: brushes with creativity, cover-ups, materializing a fantasy.

Using Apoxie Clay (air hardening epoxy clay), we will be creative figurative references to the inspiration of our choice.  Will you choose an old world Master, or a contemporary graffiti artist, an old school sign painter or a poet who paints with words?  It’s about taking a moment slowing down and seeing something in the things we over-look.

Saturday, July 24th, 11-3pm   FEE:$75.
Apoxie Clay and paints included, BRING YOUR OWN PAINT BRUSHES (the more used up and gnarly the better, but you can distress new ones to look old) Bring 2-3, 2-3” brushes

Overview of Apoxie Clay is a permanent, self-hardening, synthetic clay that combines the benefits of sculpting clay with those of epoxies. It has a 2-3 hour working time, self hardens with no ovens, kilns or fumes. 0% shrinkage/cracking, water proof, non-flammable, non-hazardous, no solvents or fumes. Apoxie Clay adheres permanently to clean surfaces: porcelain, ceramic, vinyl, polymers, foam, fiberglass, wood, plastics and more. Durable finish; can be sanded, tapped, drilled, carved. Paint or stain wet or dry.  


IF A PAST WORKSHOP CATCHES YOUR EYE . . . You can either email and asked to be put on a wait list for when it runs again, OR, if you have a group of 5 or more, you can schedule that workshop as a private group!!   EMAIL for info on PRIVATE GROUP WORKSHOPS

JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2017 *scroll down, don’t miss a thing!!

$95. FEE



SACRED HEARTS WORKSHOP - if you missed this and are sad, watch for a re-run in Feb!
Saturday, Nov. 5th, 11-2:30


Create a one of a kind piece to reflect that which is precious, honored and sacred to you.

$75. fee includes 5lbs of clay, use of studio tools and firing.  Students can expect to make up to two pieces in this workshop (depending up on size and individual work pace)

Post Fired Finish class.  Saturday, Nov. 19th, noon -2pm  $45.fee includes basic color paints, students with particular color wants should bring paints with them.




August 6th • 11-2pm

Don’t miss out on this GREAT workshop! We will form hollow ball forms which then give us the canvas for developing facial features and different expressions, and adding “feet”.  And, as if that isn’t enough, each student should have 2-3 completed OPEN-MINDED BOWLS of their very own!!

$55. FEE includes: 5lbs of clay, use of studio tools, firing.  *an optional black wash session can be added after firing for $10. — or you can take your piece and work on it on your own at home!


M A Y / J U N E   2016


M A R C H  2016

F E B R U A R Y   2 0 1 6

Clay Tile Shadow / Silhouette Portraits
inspired by Victorian Silhouette Portraits

Sunday, February 7th, 11am-1:30pm
FEE: $48. 
includes clay, underglaze, use of studio tools, firing 
$48. fee is for 1 tile, additional tiles can be created for $15. ea
(If you would like additional tiles, please advise prior to class so that tiles are prepared for you)

In this workshop we will be creating our Silhouette or Shadow Portraits on a 5” sq tile creating our silhouettes through the technique known as SGRAFITTO using a black underglaze on white clay: 

Sgraffito (in Italian "to scratch") is a decorating pottery technique produced by applying layers of color or colors (underglazes or colored slips) to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts of the layer(s) to create contrasting images, patterns and texture and reveal the clay color underneath.

Silhouettes had been, even in the mid 1800s, a dependable staple of portraiture. It was common to see silhouettes on the walls or tucked into Bibles, which was often a safe place to put family-related memorabilia. While silhouettes were definitely less expensive than the brand-new photographic processes, it could still cost one or more days' pay to have a silhouette created. Even in the later 1800s, (still in the Victorian period), silhouette were popular at fairs and festivals as nostalgia, novelty, or a portrait form that the less-moneyed classes could afford.

J A N U A R Y   2 0 1 6


in a dream . . . 

Saturday, January 23rd
11am - 3pm

FEE: $75 (includes clay, use of studio tools & molds, firing)

Create surreal portraits in clay inspired by your dreams!  

We will start with a quick sketch and short story, then using a press molded doll face as a base, alter and embellish to bring our little ones to life. Students will create 2 characters in clay (sizes range between 3.5-5”h)

Saturday, January 30th 12-2pm
Blackwash and color painting after firing.
$35. (includes paint and use of studio brushes


of every month join us for our infamous MINISHOPS!  

On  thirdFRIDAYS between 6-9pm • no reservations or experience necessary, just drop in and grab a seat, plan on about 30-40 minutes of work time to create your piece!  CHECK OUT THE mini-shop page for the current months mini!

FEE: $10. • includes clay, use of studio tools, firing and color wash.  Your finished piece will be ready to pick up the following FIRSTfriday weekend.